Chocolate, Honey, Whiskey Cake with Figs and Salted Caramel

Oh! Sweet Citrus turns one! I’m almost as excited as I was when Baby boy turned one. I’m also super excited about this cake, the only thing I’m not so excited about is these pictures; it was a cloudy, rainy day and I was feeling surprisingly uninspired, just one of those days I guess. At some point in the near future I will make this cake … Continue reading Chocolate, Honey, Whiskey Cake with Figs and Salted Caramel

Rose Rasgulla

Anyone who knows me and my cooking even a little bit will tell you how scared terrified I am of cooking mithais and basically all Indian desserts; baking is a science, you measure things out correctly, follow the steps and it almost always goes to plan. Indian sweets on the other hand, I find, are like French desserts- temperamental; of which macarons probably have the … Continue reading Rose Rasgulla

Korma Roti (paratha)/ Lentil Flatbread

Sometimes in the excitement and want of new, we tend to leave behind the old, the tried and tested and passed on from one generation to the next; I’m definitely guilty of this. I love discovering new food, food I haven’t heard of, seen or tasted before; it’s unfamiliar and though the unfamiliar can sometimes be scary, it’s also exciting. And just like that the … Continue reading Korma Roti (paratha)/ Lentil Flatbread