Eggless Chocolate Beetroot Cake

I don’t remember ever having celebrated Valentine’s Day, not when I was single and definitely not as a couple; the ‘heart’ shape is probably my least favourite and although I have heart shaped cookie cutters in all different sizes, they are probably my least used ones but not everybody thinks like I do and thank god for that; I know a lot of people who … Continue reading Eggless Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Gluten free, Eggless Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

No chit chatting today because I’m super excited about this recipe. Its gluten free which means no flour, well there is flour but its besan or chick pea flour and before you ask, no you don’t get any besan-y flavour. Also its egg free, so yay for all the vegetarians and that’s not all, it is also dairy free, nut free and butter free…phew! For … Continue reading Gluten free, Eggless Double Chocolate Banana Muffins