About Me


I’m Bhavita and I love food; eating it, cooking it, dreaming about it.

I’m not fashionably updated on anything and clothes shopping and spa gives me a headache. But shopping for food, that I could do all day… and night! I also love to travel though my travels too have a single agenda- exploring food!

This blog is a space for my food stories, recipes that I’ve dreamed up, or those I’ve learned from family and friends, and also some inspirational ones from fellow bloggers. Through this space I’d like to preserve and share family recipes, passed down through generations. Most of my recipes are simple enough even for those setting foot into the kitchen for the first time. After all I couldn’t even make rice when I got started, so I know what it’s like to feel lost in the kitchen. Fear not, it’s food (not rocket science) and if I could learn to cook and enjoy it, anyone can.

My biggest and sternest critics are the two men in my life; my eight year old son and my husband. My marriage has taken me from Mumbai to Dubai to Jakarta; each place contributing immensely to my food journey.

My mother, my grandmother and my mother in law have been the predominant cooking influences in my life and their food and recipes will be a regular feature here.

Hope you enjoy my stories, recipes and pictures.

For recipe requests, tips or general feedback, please email me on: ohsweetcitrus@gmail.com