Pears poached in red wine and spices

This has to be one of my favourite desserts. It’s not just delicious but also so simple, a five year old can probably make it but really shouldn’t unless you sub the wine for milk or something. The positives don’t end there, this is a relatively healthy dessert thanks to fruit and wine; it has sugar of course because well we do want a dessert … Continue reading Pears poached in red wine and spices

Mojito and White Chocolate Cake

Another year, another birthday, another cake; and yes, like most years, this year too I baked my own birthday cake. I figure it just makes sense you know, you’re sure there’ll be cake on your birthday (very important), then you get to choose exactly the kind of cake you want, and then the fun part, you get to control what goes into it and how … Continue reading Mojito and White Chocolate Cake

Double smoked Chicken Kachri Kebabs

Chickeeeen! Because who doesn’t like chicken, especially when it’s this easy and delicious; but first let’s catch up a little. Those of you who know the husband will be familiar with his absolute all consuming love for beer and the only thing that can compete with his love for beer is his love for Formula 1! If it’s a race weekend, every other plan we … Continue reading Double smoked Chicken Kachri Kebabs

Chocolate, Honey, Whiskey Cake with Figs and Salted Caramel

Oh! Sweet Citrus turns one! I’m almost as excited as I was when Baby boy turned one. I’m also super excited about this cake, the only thing I’m not so excited about is these pictures; it was a cloudy, rainy day and I was feeling surprisingly uninspired, just one of those days I guess. At some point in the near future I will make this cake … Continue reading Chocolate, Honey, Whiskey Cake with Figs and Salted Caramel

Rose Rasgulla

Anyone who knows me and my cooking even a little bit will tell you how scared terrified I am of cooking mithais and basically all Indian desserts; baking is a science, you measure things out correctly, follow the steps and it almost always goes to plan. Indian sweets on the other hand, I find, are like French desserts- temperamental; of which macarons probably have the … Continue reading Rose Rasgulla

Korma Roti (paratha)/ Lentil Flatbread

Sometimes in the excitement and want of new, we tend to leave behind the old, the tried and tested and passed on from one generation to the next; I’m definitely guilty of this. I love discovering new food, food I haven’t heard of, seen or tasted before; it’s unfamiliar and though the unfamiliar can sometimes be scary, it’s also exciting. And just like that the … Continue reading Korma Roti (paratha)/ Lentil Flatbread